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Offshore Services

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Our business unit Offshore Services supplies the offshore market with projects, solutions and services.

We provide multidiscipline EPCIC modification projects containing significant content of mechanical installation. By evaluating your systems we can propose improved solutions that extend the lifetime of your operation.
Serving rig and ship owners, drilling
contractors and oil service companies,
Agile Rig & Modules is a major supplier
of projects, after sales solutions
and services.

With over 25 years experience within
SPS and yard stays for semi rigs,
jack-ups and different vessel types, our
dedicated professionals have developed
superior competence. This highly
qualified personnel, makes us a
preferred vendor in this segment.

 Varying from large to small projects,
our experts engage in all types
of multidiscipline modifications.
We handle all the phases in a
project, from surveys and planning
on to project management,
engineering, fabrication, installation
and commissioning - always working
in close partnership with our customers.

For the rig after sales market,
our main offerings are:
  • Multidiscipline projects
  • Mechanical solutions
  • Modules and containers
  • Electro technical modifications
  • Heat trace and winterization
  • General safety systems
  • 3rd party equipment
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