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Agile Rig & Modules holds various approvals and certifications, with a view to operate in the market as a trusted supplier with all relevant quality and safety systems.

Electrical installation contractor Group L (Low Voltage)
  • Engineering, installation and maintenance
  • Maritime electrical installations
  • Electrical installations in hazardous areas
  • Low-voltage supply system
  • Low voltage automation systems
  • Low voltage industrial plants
  • Low voltage heavy equipment

Electrical installation contractor Group H, (HV)
  • Engineering, installation and maintenance
  • High voltage supply system
  • High voltage distribution systems
  • High Voltage Engineering plant

PRESAFE GL authorization
  • Repairing, rebuilding and commissioning of Ex equipment in type of protection: Ex d, Ex e, Ex I, Ex p

PT authorization
  • PMR approval for installation of communication networks and radio equipment

  • Norwegian industry and employer organization approved member for Electrical / Automation companies.

National Office of Building Technology and Administration, the highest class

Approved supplier in the following areas:
  • Control, control, management, supervision, inspection, fire alarm installation, light installation, emergency lighting installation, emergency lighting
  • Responsible for engineering tasks, approval class 3
  • Responsible for control of engineering tasks, approval class 3
  • Responsible for installation, approval class 3
  • Responsible for checking the installation, approval class 3
  • Responsible for seeking, approval class 3
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